Visible Learning

At Princetown Community Primary School, we are working towards becoming a Visible Learning School. The Visible Learning development model is based upon the principles developed by John Hattie’s research. Pupils take ownership of their own learning. They know where they are within the curriculum and what their next steps are. Using their goals grids, they can track their own progress. The pupils know what to do when they come across something they don’t know and have strategies to progress with their learning. Pupils seek feedback and respond to it, and more importantly they give feedback to staff about their teaching. Pupils are active in their learning and are assessment capable. Assessment Capable Learners can ask and find the answer to: Where am I going? How am I going to get there? Where to next? Pupils can employ a range of meta-cognitive strategies developed through a shared language of learning. Pupils see learning as hard work, have a ‘can do’ approach and a desire to succeed. Through the introduction of Visible Learning, we encourage children to really challenge themselves. Each class, will develop a ‘learning pit’ when they find the learning difficult and challenging. The children often put themselves in to the pit, and work on strategies and skills to assist in their learning in order to achieve their learning intention and success criteria. We encourage the children to place themselves in the pit as this is where learning is at its best.

Visible learners are able to:

• Understand their learning intentions

• Know and are challenged by the success criteria

• Develop a range of learning strategies

• Seek feedback and look for their next steps in learning
Children can earn stickers each time they demonstrate using a bird of learning and once they have completed a row they earn a certificate. 

Our brilliant Visible Learning display created by Mrs Speare and Mrs Burchell!

Today (26.2.19), we launched our 'Birds of Learning' linked to Visible Learning and our chosen learning dispositions.