Vision and Values

Our Mission Statement


'Inspiring Lifelong Learners in Our Community'



We are proud to be a community school in the heart of Dartmoor using our privileged location to support our learning. We encourage children to take an active role in and love where they live through our established links with businesses and community leaders. We enable our children to do this by hosting community events, opening our school for special events and ensuring our curriculum teaches them about local history and how they can ensure our village continues to flourish.

We are committed to developing the whole child with a focus on children’s individual needs to ensure that every child reaches their full potential through our knowledge and skills curriculum, and we ensure our provision looks after children’s mental health. We aim to ensure that each child feels valued, important and cared for which enhances the children’s drive to learn and be successful.

Our school has a wonderful family feel to it and we strive to ensure every member of our school enjoys being here. Our vision for the school and the children in it is to develop lifelong learners; to develop curious minds that ask questions and dig beneath the surface to find out more; to encourage children and adults to have high expectations of themselves and their peers.

We are proud to provide many opportunities for children to grow and learn through learning in class; forest school; trips; extra-curricular clubs; and so much more.

We are committed to helping children achieve their potential through our ‘Birds of Learning’ which are:


Resilience – we build children’s resilience in order to help them become absorbed in their learning. They begin to understand when they need a brain break to refresh themselves. They learn to see patterns in things and they can keep going in the face of difficulties.


Challenge – when children are challenged it helps them learn, problem solve and feel success.


Creativity – being creative means being able to use their imagination and think of their own ideas, trying new methods and thinking of different ways to complete tasks.


Self-Awareness – we aim to teach children how to be reflective and how they learn best. They will learn how to help themselves when things get tricky and they are happy to change and adapt plans in light of new learning.


Interdependence – this allows children to understand when it is good to work as a team and when best to work independently. They learn to listen to and respect other views.


Making Links – by teaching children to make links they become better learners as they can use building blocks of previous learning to support them with new concepts.


Curiosity – children are naturally curious and they are encouraged to ask questions which help them delve beneath the surface and further their knowledge.

We are committed to safeguarding the children in our school community and have robust systems in place.