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Welcome to Owls 'Class at Princetown Community Primary School.
The adults in the class are:
Mrs Church Class Teacher
Mrs Rickman Learning Support Assistant and PPA cover Wednesday afternoons
Miss Hodge Learning Support Assistant 
Mrs Kelly Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Killingbeck Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Harris Learning Support Assistant

Princetown Community Primary Aims to:

Offer an EYFS Curriculum that has been designed to reflect the nature of our school environment, our local community, the seasons of the year and the nature around our school. It aims to teach the children how their environment compares to other places, cultures and nature in other parts of the country and world. Where possible topic themes are introduced through stories, which lend themselves to various EYFS curriculum areas/outcomes. Each learning focus does not last a specific amount of time but is based on the children’s learning and interest.  All of the overarching themes have resources and activities ready to use in the continuous enhanced provision.  Using books in this way teaches children that books and reading form the basis of all learning and help them develop an appreciation for books and a desire to read for pleasure. 


Our ambitious Early Years curriculum aims to teach and support all children in gaining skills and knowledge to achieve the seventeen Early Learning Goals as set out in the Revised Framework.  We teach through a range of teaching methods including child-initiated learning, whole class teaching, group teaching, investigations and problem solving, and independent learning. Some skills need to be taught discretely, so will be teacher led, but the majority of activities will be taught through play based activities.  All activities are expertly modelled, and children are given sufficient time, support and resources to repeat and practise them.


Diversity: we have carefully planned our curriculum to include diversity (gender, disability, BAME – Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) to ensure it is a diverse and inclusive curriculum.   

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff.
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